Maintaining and building a brand isn’t easy – that’s why I’m here to help.

Building a brand isn’t easy.

And I won’t pretend that it is. But, I do know one thing that’s pretty straightforward.

If you’re looking at your business, and therefore your brand, with a misaligned mentality, you’re setting yourself up for the work to be even. harder.

So, what can you do about that?

(Did you hear me say it in your head?) 

That’s where I come in. 

  • Sometimes you want to create your own materials, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t want a pro to do the work FOR you, but you DO need a helping hand.
  • Or, sometimes, you already have a brand, but it’s not working for you. You know it’s made of the right components for your audience – maybe you’ve even had another pro take a look at it for you, and they’ve let you know that the problem isn’t the brand.

In cases like that – they might be right! The growth may not need to happen within the branded components themselves – the growth may need to happen with you. 

Getting Support

Sometimes the best decision you can make for your business, and your brand, is allowing yourself to be supported in your efforts – a little guidance can go a LONG way! 

There are a couple of popular ways to move forward, to make sure that you’re comfortable with your options and tools – but, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out! I love answering people’s questions, and helping them figure out whether I’m the best pro to help you bring your Mentality into a space that will allow your business to grow. 


A Single Meeting

Brand evaluations are designed for the DIY professional who plans to create their brand on their own, or who already has a brand but is trying to determine why it may not be working for them. Alternatively, we can also use your 75 minutes to give you an intro to the Brand Mentality 101 package, and get you started on the right track – if you’re on the fence, that is. 




  • 15 minutes of Brand explanation: I will take a bit of time previous to the meeting to evaluate the materials you already have, or look over your business proposal, but these 15 minutes are generally used for your explanation of what you do, and why you do it. 
  • ~30 minutes of Recommendations: After your explanation, I’ll do a deep dive into some of the steps you can take to increase your visibility, tailor your components to your audience, or make other changes that I feel would be beneficial to your brand overall. These recommendations are different for everyone – so no one ever knows what kind of information they’ll walk away with! 
  • ~15-25 minutes of Q&A: After I explain… I don’t want to leave you hanging. After about 30 minutes of explaining, we use the remaining time in your meeting to address questions that popped up for you throughout the process. Have a more in depth question about something specific I recommended? Let me know and I’ll get into some more details for you!
  • We can optionally use a platform that allows you to keep a recording of our meeting for your reference later!
  • You’ll be provided with any notes I take before, during, or after our meeting regarding your materials – they may help point you in the right direction!



A 6 Week Commitment to Development

You’re looking for more than a little insight – you’re looking for DIRECTION. You want to know what the steps are, and you want someone pushing you to achieve the branding goals in front of you. You want to REDEFINE your Brand Mentality, and start making your brand decisions from a place of CERTAINTY and FLOW. 

If that resonates… this is probably the package for you.



  • 4 Video Calls (75 min each), peppered through the 6 weeks according to your unique content development schedule (allows for two weeks of breaks, and with your homework… you’re going to want breaks!)
  • Home. Work. Throughout our 6 weeks together, you’ll have journaling/thought prompts, short assignments, and questionnaires all designed to help you get CLEAR on the intention behind your brand, and even CLEARER on its presentation.
  • Your homework will be customized to you, your pace, and the ways you work best – so though I can’t give a straightforward outline of what resources you’ll end up with by the end, I can say that you’ll have worked to cultivate a mentality that places your decision making firmly within the framework of your brand. 
  • Messenger support! If you’re stuck on a piece of content, don’t know the direction to go in, want me to review your copy, or generally want someone to bounce a brand-related question off of… I’m your girl. 🙂 For these 6 weeks, I’ll be reasonably available to you (you know… business hours and whatnot) to answer your questions, and help build your internal library, so you’re prepared to THRIVE once our time together is done. 

Like what you see?

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